Prescriptives Gary Brunker does great Burlesque


This boy is all about the blending! Seriously I have never had so much attention paid to my eyes - ever - and it showed!

With a practised eye and a lightning quick change of brushes Gary transformed me from the pale wan who'd slunk into BTs makeup free that morning. An hour and a half of painstaking shading and painting and blending later I was done.

I was as dramatic as they come. As soon as I spotted the new Prescriptives pigments I knew I wanted to try them out - and Gary obliged.

My eyes were black and silver with fabulous gel liner sweeping up up up and lifting the whole look. Totally OTT - I loved it!


My foundation was mixed on the spot and perfect for my skintone.

I got a couple of great tips for you all. Gary always applies eyemakeup before foundation. Why? Because blending causes fallout which can ruin your foundation. Do the eye makeup first and then clean up with Q-tips before putting on foundation.

Apply your lipstick with a brush and blend some concealer under your lower lip. This makes your lips look much fuller and is a tip I will always remember.

By the time this was over I looked ready for a night in the Tassel Club (apart from the jeans that is). However it was lunchtime and myself and Kirstie were going to the Gotham Cafe for smoked salmon pizzas. Where I did get a few funny looks. But sure did I care!

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