Products of Yore: Astral


Remember Astral, ladies? Yer ma might have had it - it was a moisturiser that came in a blue tub that was more functional than pretty.

Hang on though, I don't know why I'm referring to it in the past tense, because IT NEVER WENT AWAY! Nope, we all moved on, found new and better things, while poor auld Astral languished on the shelves of rural pharmacies, along with bath cubes and hairnets. They might have re-jigged the packaging a wee bit - see left - but we know it's still got the same stuff inside.

I have a friend who swears by Astral though, as does reader Betty, who told us that "I’ve pretty dry skin and a friend tipped me off to Astral which is so cheap that most people would ignore it! But it’s a rich nightcream which I find leaves my skin lovely and dewy in the morning". How's that for praise, eh?


Get all retro and get your own for under a fiver - bargain!

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