Sleep on it: The 1950s lady's trick for preserving that perfect hairdo

On Monday, I managed to do that typical hair thing of achieving a perfect 'do when I wasn't even trying. All I needed to do was get my hair out of my face, fast, but I ended up with a gorgeous Carey Mulligan stylee quiff that usually either evades me completely or else leaves my face looking a bit strange because the straight-back sides have refused to play ball.

The biggest problem with these happy hairstyling accidents, at least for me, is that they're completely impossible to replicate on demand. So when Monday night rolled around and I wasn't quite ready to part with my perfect quiff, I decided to take my cue from the women of the '50s who would carefully sleep on their shampoo and sets to preserve their salon-styled hair for several days.

Yep: I slept on it.


While it was a leetle fuzzy around the edges the next morning, I was able to use a comb to easily smooth wayward strands back into place and repin them with clips and BOOM – good as new!

It's the ultimate lazy beauty cheat, and a trick I'll definitely be using again. I might even get myself a snazzy silky headscarf to cut down on those next-day frizzies.

Pin-up girl image via Flea Market Finds; Carey Mulligan pic via MTV

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