Products of Yore: No7 Green concealer


Lord jesus, do yis remember this?

We think we're all fancy now, with our mineral concealers and our light reflecting pens and our brushes.

But in simpler times we relied on No7 Green Concealer to cover up those rosy Bosco cheeks. Every discho in the land was bursting at the seams with cailins green of face. And it was all down to one little green stick that was a staple in every girl's makeup bag. But we were a little heavy handed with it methinks.


And guess what - you can still buy it! Like almost all Products of Yore, it still lurks on the shelves in Boots. It's not on the website (well come on they're not going to advertise it to the world are they?) but if you really really really want it, you can still buy it.

But please don't.

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