The beauty products you have to throw out every 2 - 3 months

I was having a clear out in the studio last week of all my old products, and it occurred to me, there are so many things that go off or out of date in our houses and many of us are probably still using them without even realising.

So, I am going to do a series of articles on things related to beauty that you might have around the house that should be thrown out or replaced.

Today, we'll start with the products and things you should cast on the beauty scrapheap every two to three months. Some of these might surprise you...

  • Mascara


mascara 5 Collage

The eye area is so delicate, and with vision being one of our primary senses it's vital we understand the risks when it comes to messing around in that area.

Bacteria breeds in small damp confined spaces, like mascara. Replacing your mascara every 2 - 3 months, however costly is advised. I'm not saying you have to do it, but the risks involved are styes, conjunctivitis, infections, and - in extreme cases - even blindness.

  • Loofah




Your shower friend needs to go after 2 - 3 months, as again, anything damp will grow bacteria, especially if it contains skin residue. Unless, of course, you wash and dry it after each shower - but let's face it, that's way too much work.

  • Liquid Eyeliner



5.5g Black Liquid Eye Liner

The exact same rule that applies to mascara applies to liquid eyeliner.

  • Nail Files

essence nail file

These gather dead skin cells and when unwashed will gather bacteria. The skin around your nails can crack and break and even draw blood, so the idea behind this one is that the build up of bacteria on an old nail file can transfer into your bloodstream and cause infection.

  • Makeup Sponges



Sad but true, these guys become damp, and bacteria loves damp - are you getting the picture? And, yes, that goes for your expensive Beauty Blender.

  • Face Masks and Peels 


og ireland face mask

This may be hard to take, so maybe have a sit - once these products have been opened and used even once, it needs to go.

Have you got any of these products for longer than their recommended sell-by date?


Stay tuned for products you should throw out every six months!

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