Proof that eyelash curlers are actual instruments of torture

They're the beauty tools that boyfriends pick up and can't for the life of them guess what they're for. You can buy one in the €2 shop or you can get a fancy one in Sephora, it doesn't matter how much it is, it should carry a warning sticker like cigarettes and Eminem CDs.

The things we do for perfectly curled lashes! Cosmetic companies bring out mascaras that claim to do the same job, but you know it and I know it, the only way to get that curly lift is to clamp a device to your lid and hold it there for, oh, about twenty seconds.

We've all had our pinchy moments with the devilish contraptions, but Reddit user Aub3912 sneezed in the middle of her curling and, well, this happened:

I sneezed while curling my eyelashes.

Yes, that's a half bald eyelash line you see.


Wait! There's more proof. 



Never. Using. Eyelash curlers. Again. 


Via Cosmopolitan UK

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