Quick 'n' Chic: Three 30 Second Eyeliner Tricks

If you don't wear any eye make up but love the definition just a little, then rejoice ladies, this is the post for you.

I love eyeliner, in fact, I own over 52 of them. I counted them as part of my eyeliner research - I know, obsessed. But, I love the colours, the textures and even the fancy packaging. I remember when I was about 14 not being able to apply it properly and the thought of drawing it on my waterline made me want to crawl under a rock and live a makeup-less life. Luckily, my dedicated mum taught me the beauty and endless possibilities of liner.

I have my favourites, and so do those closest to me. Fabilis, editor/all-round beauty queen Andrea loves MAC Teddy (I agree entirely). It can actually be applied to the whole lid and blended for a smokey look. My mother prefers a thin line on the upper lashes applied with a pointy pencil. And my sister told me she doesn't do liner at all, she prefers layers of mascara.

But if you are a liner novice or you need a helping kohl-drawing hand, I've  come up with three ways to wear that you can do in less than 30 seconds. Trust me, I timed it.

  • The Simple Line


When applying just one line of kohl eyeliner, I like a pencil that isn't too soft. Start on the inner corner on the upper lashes and draw the line as close to the lash line as possible. End right at the outer corner of your eye. Then pop on some mascara, and you have a clean, quick line that frames your eyes. I like black, but brown also does the trick with this one.

  • The Flick

Using Penneys gel liner, €1.50 Using Penneys gel liner, €1.50

That flick is something I can't say I am a pro at. But, I've come up with my own technique. I start on the outer corner and draw a horizontal line from about a centimeter from my lashes. Then I draw the whole way into the inner corner. To give it more oomph, I draw a little triangle to the lower corner and colour it in.

This is super '60s, and while you can go wild and embrace your inner Twiggy with this one, I prefer a subtle look. Gel liners work best with this so you'll need a good brush too. My picks are the new gel liner from Penneys which is only €1.50 and totally gives the more premium ranges a run for their money. That said, it's hard to beat MAC's own too.

  • The All Filled In

I like this one when I don't really have time to do my eye make up properly. I draw a half moon just above my upper lash line and fill in with a very soft kohl pencil (MAC Teddy is perfect for this). It gives a stronger look but I think it does the same as any eye shadow palette. To blend this in, I use a pointed crease brush as the fibres are closer together to blend the product.

Eye make up doesn't have to take you an age! What eye pencils do you like?

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