Quick Sticks: L'Oreal Super Liner Brow Artist

Now this is the kind of product I love.

No messing, no faffing around, the maximum amount of use with the minimum of effort.


The double ended pencils (€8.95) come in four shades: light blonde, blonde, brunette and dark brunette. Each one has a clear wax end for the aul brow fixin and a brush to tidy up the shape. Or as L'Oreal put it "to discipline your arch".

Give yourself a laugh by watching this TOTALLY over the top vid on the best use of the brow pencil. There's a lot of hair tossing and open mouthed appreciation - but you get the gist!


There are lots of these type of products on the market of course all of various prices, textures and slightly differing modes of employ and they're usually all ok.  The only problem is...

There's never a pencil parer when you need one.

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