Radiant Redheads in White - Not a Washed Out Cailín Between Them

Judging from my own childhood, red is a hair shade that has suffered taunts and sneers but has finally been embraced by celebs and the general public alike. And rightfully so. In recent times natural redheads like Julianne Moore and Isla Fisher have been proudly showing off their manes and then there's the likes of Karen Elson and Emma Stone who are known for their red locks but weren't actually born with red hair. Red is not dead; it's to die for!

While autumn is the redhead's season, the one where we're allowed be in vogue, all swaddled in russety colours against a backdrop of swirling burnt umber leaves, we're going against the grain here by showing the planets' most famous redheads rocking several shades of white. Yup, the dreaded white.

Speaking as a redhead, white is not a friend. It manages to make me look simultaneously nude and washed out; a look preferably showcased in an ill-lit bedroom. Like myself, most of the redheads showcased here prefer the striking balance of red hair and black clothes - but, as it turns out, they can also wear white.

Most of them look pretty amazing, like Isla Fisher, Jessica Chastain, and Emma Stone.

Isla Fisher in White


Jessica Chastain in White

Emma Stone in White

Then there's Christina Hendricks, in a rather unfortunate pantsuit, but she's still looking alright in white. We're thinking red and white are actually a great pairing but what do you think? Are red hair/white ensemble a match made in heaven?

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