How to do rainbow hair without damaging your precious tresses

With so many hair trends coming and going with the seasons, trying to keep up can often leave your hair extremely damaged.

This is especially true of the pastel trend where you have to bleach your hair to get the pale pastel and ash tones required.

The same goes for the latest trend of "rainbow" hair, but this amazing technique will give you the option of keeping with the trend damage free!

What you will need
  • A light blond hair extension
  • Tin foil/cling film
  • Extensions clips
  • Whatever colour dyes you want
  • Hair ties
What to do
  • Separate the hair extension into as many sections you have colours for. Tie them all individually
  • Apply the first colour to the first section. When it is fully coated, wrap it in tin foil or cling film
  • Repeat this process with different colours. Leave the dye on for 1 hour
  • Rince well and blow dry
  • Then you can attach your rainbow extension under your hair

DIY hidden rainbow hair @sahursart #hudabeauty

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I love this idea; think about all the possibilities. You could do leopard print hair, polka dot hair, stripy hair, flower power hair. I could go on all day long.

What is the strangest colour you have ever died your hair?

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