Rate it: are you Picture Perfect or Missus Messy?

split-faced woman


Ah listen.

I can't for the life of me "do" blending.  I am totally rubbish at it.

Despite being told many times to a) use the proper brushes, b) being actually handed the proper brushes and c) being shown how to use them and how to blend...

...I still can't do it.


I think I've done it.  I go out and about thinking I've got on (ahem) kind of half decently applied makeup, only to hear an exasperated "tsk" from Kirstie when she sees me, and pitying looks from other blending experts in the company.  More than once in fact has someone taken it upon themselves to "blend" me, or while we are talking, simply rub in my blusher.  Not joking.

Tom Ford would be horrified at the sight of me.  A lot of it stems from the fact that I just couldn't be arsed.  I'm not one of those people for which everything must be perfect - far from it.  I can't remember the last time I ironed anything for example.  And the only time my hair ever gets any real styling attention is when the hairdresser does it.  My nails are always chewed and my eyebrows in dire need of attention.

I don't think my ways are going to change at this stage either unfortunately.

What about you?  Are you addicted to the GHD, the blending brushes or the presenting a perfectly groomed exterior to the world.  Or  are you more like me: a lazy fecker.

Be honest: rate your grooming habits.  Picture Perfect or a Ms Messy?

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