Rate it: Best deodorant


Ah, we've been waiting for months and months and months for a birrov sunshine to warm our lives, and now at last it looks like the lazy hazy days of summer are here to stay. (That is to say that the three-day forecast from Met √Čireann is warm and sunny. But that's good enough for me!)

Summer's great, isn't it? The traffic's lighter. Everything looks so much prettier in a slant of sunlight. The deliciously evocative scent of cut grass lingers in the air. There's a promise of better things to come.

And - yay! - Choc Ices and Twisters and Loop The Loops and 99s are a go.


Now, in order to make sure that everyone has a shot at a dry and fresh-smelling summer, let's have your recommendations for best deodorant. Quick!

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