Rate It: Best Eyeliner

The North wind doth blow and my eyes dothn't like it.

I am a streamer. I doubt that is the technical term but my eyes are a veritable source of tears. I'm not sad, they just pump out water to such an extent that the water charges won't be an issue for me. They were always a bit dodgy but since I've had laser surgery on dem peepers, they have really upped their H2O game.

Which, as problems go, is a relatively minor issue. But it does mean that people ask me if I am crying when I am actually quite joyous (for example, the dentist asked me last week was I upset as she waffled on about my choppers) and my eyeliner needs to be topped up approximately every 49 seconds.

MAC-Powerpoint-PencilSo for that reason I tend to steer away from heavy cat flicks for day-to-day use because it just ends up as a teeny tiny kitten claw flick. But only on one eye. And 'Clockwork Orange' really isn't a good look for me.

Me by 9.15am Me by 9.15am

I love Mac pencils (and also the fact that my keyboard prompts me to write MacGrianna) and Teddy, Prussian and Powersurge are three of my absolute favourites.

And Benefit's They're Real Push-Up Liner is honestly budge proof and is my heavy hitter for when both the North and East winds doth blow.

So tell me, what is your favourite liner and is there a kohl/gel/felt-tip divide? Does anyone else rock a Stanley Kubrick look like me?

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