Rate It: Best Under Eye Concealer

There have been some late nights here of late at beaut.ie HQ. We're swilling coffee like it's going out of fashion and I've started to use my cotton buds as eye-opening implements. So all in all, I'm currently sporting quite a wide-eyed (some might call it manic) look. And we know that while we're workin' hard, so is our make up. But my Achilles' heel is actually my, eh, Achilles' under eye. You see, the one thing that always betrays me is that under eye area. I'm genetically prone to dark circles anyway but even the sniff of a late night and I look like Uncle Fester waking up after a two for one night in Coppers (I'm talking about drinks there, people, not guards or nurses). Woman applying concealer So tell me, what do you rate as the product to blitz those under eye circles? Do you have a few products on the go? And remember highlighters like Touche Éclat won't hide those dark rings, use them on the orbital bone to use a trick of the light to draw attention to different areas of your face. Now, if you'll excuse me, I am need of a caffeine shot.


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