Rate It: False Eye Lashes

I neglected to tend to my eyebrows for ages. They were light and wispy and kinda non-existent so I just ignored them. Until I saw a picture (it's always a horrible photo that prompts the epiphany, isn't it?) of a night out where my fuller browed friends looked so much more polished, face-wise, than me. Since then my brows have been getting the attention they deserve and I couldn't not shape and fill them.

curly lashes

But that's not the point of this Rate It. Bear with me, I'm getting to it. I have been wondering lately about false eyelashes. I've worn them before but I find them very annoying. The whole putting them on process is a draaag, the fear that they'll drop into your mojito is a palpable one - the fear that they'll be peeling off mid chat to a handsome stranger is even worse - and sometimes they just look plain ridic.

However, falsies can also look fantastic. If applied properly they can add that extra glamour and general fabulousness to your look. Your smoky eye might look good without long, voluminous lashes but it can look even better when they've been come hither-ified. I've been attacking pictures of myself again recently and asking myself if I should up my lash game. But - if I do, like with my brow story, will I never be able to look back?


So, how do you rate falsies? If you wear them, do you break them out every day or save them for special occasions? What's your favourite brand? Do you have any false lash horror stories? Let's get discussing!

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