Rate it: How Important is Water to Your Beauty Routine?


We all know that hydration is key in the battle against the first onset of aging and to help diminish fine lines and plump up tired, dry skin. We can add hydration to our skins with products like Vichy Aqualia, or L'Oreal's new Derma Genesis range, but equally as important is ensuring we take in enough water.

Now, I'm no scientist so forgive me if this is a tad garbled, biologikal-speakin', but when we drink water, our skin is the last thing to benefit from it. Water helps to regulate our temperature; keep our blood thin; help with digestion and a myriad other things. Only after all those functions are taken care of does our poor old skin get a look in.

Going overboard is as bad as not taking in enough of the stuff - water intoxification (and eek, death) ocurrs when the electrolyte balance in the body is pushed out of whack by imbibing too much - but don't worry too much, because you'd need to be drinking gallons in order for that to happen. So what is ideal? A couple of litres seems to be the recommended amount of water to take in, but drinking coffee can dehydrate you, so it's all a bit of a minefield - plus, does this 2 litre rule include the water in juices and soft drinks? Or is it just plain, honest uisce we're meant to be drinking?


What do you gals aim to drink a day? Do you make an effort to get a couple of litres down your neck, or do you not bother one way or another? And if you do, do you think it has an effect on your skin and wellbeing?

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