Rate it: what's brought you out in a rash?


I've been having a rotten time with new face creams lately. EVERYTHING seems to be bringing me out in a rash/causing spots/making my eyes water.

It's my own fault - cos you really shouldn't change your cleanser, your serum and your moisturiser all at the same time. But I've been in my saintly mode of Using Things Up lately - and they all just ran out together.

I don't want to list the possible culprits, because I haven't identified the guilty party and I don't want to bring the name of perfectly good products into disrepute. But by God when I find out what it is... Disrepute won't be the half of it.


It's such a pain in the arse isn't it. You've bought the lovely goodies, you've hurried home, you've slapped them on. And then... blotchy horrible pebble dash skin. And it's happened to me with makeup. With shower gel. With tan. With nail treatments for gawds sakes. With feckin everything.

I bet it's happened to you too! Tell us if it has!

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