Rate it: What's Your Favourite Country for Beauty?

It's a knee-jerk reaction to think of France when cosmetics are discussed: beautiful botanicals from Darphin and Sisley, gorgeous makeup from Chantecaille and By Terry and skincare from players such as Aveene and Clarins, not to mention cellulite-busters from Lierac, fine fragrance from Creed and billions more brands besides.

The Estee Lauder company collects together some of America's best-known brands like Clinique, Bobbi Brown and Origins and Canada's brought us MAC, Ojon and Cover FX. The UK's not short on choice either: Rimmel, Jo Malone, Elemis and Illamasqua are all British-bred.

Australia's brought us Becca and Lipstick Queen, Germany has a good rep for organics and has given us natural Lavera and Weleda as well as Art Deco makeup. Even wee Ireland has lots to offer: Voya, Nadur and Fuschia are three of our home-grown beauty buys.


I think I'm a bit multi-cultural (or confused?) cos I'd take France for skincare, the US for colour and oh, probably France again for fragrance. But what's your favourite country for beauty?

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