Recession Acne? As if we Hadn't Enough to Be Worrying About...

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Are there bumpy times ahead for more of us? The makers of Zeno, the magic doofer that zaps zits, commissioned a survey which concluded that during the current climate, the stress of economic downturn and job losses could lead to what they're calling 'Recession Acne'.

Now, while it's known that stress can affect testosterone levels which in turn can cause outbreaks, Lord holy God above - as if we didn't have enough to be getting on with - we now have The Zeno Blemish Anguish Index to contend with too. Conducted in the US in February and March of this year, 5,151 adults aged  19+,  and 900 teenagers aged between 13 and 18 were polled.

Spokesperson Dr Doris Day (no, I'm not kidding) revealed the following shocking and unpredictable findings: "blemishes are a universal concern for everyone, regardless of age and gender, and they happen most during times like these because stress wreaks havoc on our hormones."  What does Dr DD recommend we do to counteract the issue? Would it be ... use a Zeno? Yes! Yes it would!


Not only has the recession has robbed us of our ability to purchase products with impunity, but Leonard Lauder's leading lipstick indicator is blinking a little erratically too, and now we've also got to worry about the possibility of developing a chronic case of worry-induced spots.

I think I need a lie down.

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