We can't get enough of Redken's all-in-one hair treatment

Redken One United is the all-in-one hair treatment spray that genuinely, does it all. From heat protection to damage control and much much more.

Redken are known as one of the best hair care brands in the world. So it would makes sense that their styling products are a cut above. Here at Beaut HQ, we've always loved the Extreme Anti-Snap (€23.90), which is a god send for anyone with bleached or brittle hair. Similarly, the Color Extend Magnetics shampoos and conditioners are great for extending the life of your colour (always handy around this time of year).


Recently though, we think we've found the Redken holy grail product. Suitable for all hair types, One United (€22.90) is the all-in-one that does it all. The leave in treatment spray delivers a whopping 25 benefits. Some of which include heat protection, anti-breakage, hydration, detangling, added shine, anti-static, colour extension, anti-frizz, easier styling, strengthening and a lot more besides.

When a product promises so much, it's really easy to be disappointed. As someone with fine hair, most treatments end up weighing it down, or making it feel greasy by lunchtime. But that wasn't the case at all with this. I even tried applying too much, to see what the side effect would be. And you know what it was? Shinier hair.



So, does One United deliver on all its 25 promises? Well, as far as I can tell, yes. My hair is certainly glossy, easier to blow dry, smoother etc. And as I'm trying to grow it at the moment, the added heat protection is a major plus point.

One United by Redken is available in selected salons nationwide now for RRP €22.90. It's also included in the Color Extend Magnetics Gift Sets which are €32.50. 

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