REN Ginger, Revivo-Tonic Two Sugar Body Scrub

RENSmelling good enough to eat, REN Ginger, Revivo-Tonic Two Sugar Body Scrub is also a scrumptious treat for body.

It's a big fat pot of delicious goodness that you slather on to dry skin (careful - stand in the shower or else your bath mat will get it - I speak from experience). Rub it all in good-o, and then wash off. Skin is MmmmMm Hhhhhmmmmm Hhhmmmmm gorgeous - here comes smooth and wonderfully moisturised pins.

It doesn't just exfoliate though. Like all REN products, this stuff has multiple benefits, and it's good for you. It'll boost cell turnover and enhance skin renewal as well as sloughing off dead skin cells. And it does all this using ingredients like Muscovado and Demerara Cane Sugars combined with extracts of Paraguay Tea, Kola Nut, Ginger and Gingenosides from Ginseng. Told you it was gorgeous!


REN is now available in Clerys, which I am delighted about. I'm not entirely sure as to price, but I'm thinking about €35.

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