Research Shows That Women Use Over One Thousand Eyeliners In Lifetime. Rate Your Favourites

If you're anything like the average woman you have upwards of a dozen eyeliners in your possession at this moment in time.  Alright they might not be strictly IN your possession as many of them will have rolled down the back of the sofa, been forgotten in the bottom of an old handbag, or languish in a drawer because you're too flippin lazy to actually go to the effort of sharpening them.

So you might not  know you have them: but they're there.

rate it eyeliner

And research has shown that you will use over one thousand eyeliners in your lifetime.  That number may seem mind boggling but lets just extrapolate it out.  Stay with me here.

  • Included in these statistics are every type of eyeliner in the known universe.  We're talking kohl, we're talking liquid, we're talking black, brown, green, blue, we're talking kajal, we're talking felt tip - and this research assumes that you will have tried most, if not all of these variations.
  • You wear liner every day, or almost every day (unless it's a pyjama day etc) as many of us do
  • You lose say a liner a month/every six weeks (again as many of us do)
  • You hate at least half of those liners that you do buy, meaning you must rush to the chemist to buy another brand.
  • Well, over sixty or seventy years that adds up doesn't it?

So with this in mind you must have plenty of expertise on the eyeliner front.  Rate your Loves and Hates and let us all benefit from your experiences!

This research may not have actually been conducted. Terms and conditions apply. Always read the small print.


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