Rihanna, Wintour, Diddy, Beyonce - EVERYONE at Kanye's Adidas Show

Despite looking fierce miz, it's quite the front row for Kanye West and Adidas Originals for New York Fashion Week.  You can't see Rihanna on the far right of the article image there, possibly because Diddy's collar required it's own orbiting moon, so here Rihanna is, also looking suitably miserable. And, yes, Diddy, that is Alexander Wang beside her.

Herself and Jay Z exchanged pleasantries before the show, which Beyonce didn't seem to mind at all.

Not everyone was as thrilled to be there. Take North West for example... At least Anna Wintour was on hand to comfort the toddler.

As for the models, well, they're paid to look dour and disconnected. It has nothing to do with the ill-fitting boob tubes, or the flesh coloured body socks.

In case you're concerned about them catching a cold, Kanye's also released a line of knitwear...


And as for the man himself, well, he just looked so damn happy with his achievement.

Or maybe he just spotted Rihanna and Alexander Wang plotting fashion world domination... just perhaps not in those pants.

And, yes, Diddy, like we told you before - that's Alexander Wang.

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