Rosacea cause 'mite' have been discovered by boffins


Yes indeedy. As reported by the papers this week, boffins feverishly working away in our hallowed higher education establishments have discovered the cause of rosacea.

And no, it's not red wine, or sun or wind. (Although all those things do of course make the symptoms worse). They reckon it's all down to bacteria carried by mites.

As if it wasn't bad enough getting Bosco cheeks at the merest sip of fine wine, now we learn that those who suffer from rosacea have 20 times more of these mites living on the skin surface than those without. The only thing that will drive them from your pores is a long course of antibiotics. And washing with a mild solution of tea tree oil will also help.


While you're waiting for the antibiotics to work and stinking of tea tree oil, the best advice we can give you is to lay off the booze and use comforting Feverfew skin creams.

And try not to think of the zillions of microscopic mites living on your face... ugh.

Read the Irish Times story here

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