Salon Specifics: What Makes For a Good Beauty Salon Visit?

ideal salon

"Where're yeh off to on yer holliers?" Oh Gawd. How many times has that been said to you as you settled into the chair at the hairdressers?

And how many times has your heart sunk as you perused the stack of 90 year old Farmer's Journals and Woman's Way's littering the coffee table in the reception area? Or perhaps you've had to rapidly back away as expensive products were pushed upon you, door-to-door salesman-style?

For something that's meant to be a treat, visiting a beauty salon or hairdresser can be a really stressful experience for all of the above reasons. Katherine gave the thumbs up to Naturelle's magazine-tastic ways yesterday, so she's inspired today's poll: what makes for a good salon visit? Pick all and any options that apply, and lets have a chat in the comments too.


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