Scam Alert! Bag hooks in toilets targets for thieves

aaiee! stop looking at me on the jacks

I don't like to put my bag down on the floor of a public loo, do you?  Pissy dirty floor ugh.

So I always use the hook on the back of the toilet door to hang my bag up on.  And so does my friend - let's call her Miss P.

Anyway Miss P was in the middle of a pee in a well known Dublin department store loo, when to her shock a hand reached over the top of the toilet door, lifted her bag off the hook and disappeared.  By the time she had gathered her wits about her to get her knickers back up and get out of the toilet cubicle there was no sign of the thief.

The department store staff were very nice and shocked by the event, security were called and searches high and low were conducted - but no sign of the bag.  The staff told her they would keep on looking and would get in touch if they spotted anything on the CCTV cameras throughout the store.

Miss P returned home bagless, but was comforted from a really nice call a couple of days later from the department store Customer Service department.  They'd looked through the tapes and alas found nothing, but they'd like to offer her a complimentary lunch to apologise for the event.


Miss P accepted - for it is a very good place for lunch - and returned on the day agreed.  "I'm Miss P," she told the restaurant staff, explaining the situation and that Customer Service had booked a complimentary lunch for her.

"Say what?" said the restaurant staff, puzzled. There was no lunch arranged.

Then the penny dropped and Miss P drove quickly home to find ...

Her house had been burgled.

True story?  She swears blind it is.  Watch out.

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