Scholl: Saviours of heels as well as soles


Yiz were gassin' in yesterday's Blather about Converse, and a few girlies remarked that, while they looked good, they were inclined to cut the bleedin' heels off them.

Which reminded me to tell you about my most favouritist recent discovery: Scholl's Heel Shields. Part of their great Party Feet range, they're made of the same clear, discreet, almost totally blinvisible stuff as the Gel Cushions for under the balls of your feet. These lads stick to the back of your shoes to help (a) protect against rubbing and blisters, and (b) ensure your shoes don't slig off of you.

Washable and reusable, they cost about a fiver and are absolutely brilliant for anyone who knows the embarrassment of walking out of a party shoe just as you think you're at your most glamorous.


Not that I'd know anything about that, like. Ehem!

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