Scrummy: Body Shop Sweet Lemon Shower Gel

body shop sweet lemon shower gel

Can you tell I Quite Like the Sweet Lemon Shower Gel, €6.50, from the Body Shop?

Yes, the fact that there's shag all left in there and that the plastic is all dented from my enthusiastic squishing would probably be testament to that. Anyway, this is lovely. It smells delish and not too sweet - not a fan of overly sugary scents, me - and is a really nice way to wake up in the morning, especially if your morning routine is anything like mine: arise from bed in zombie-fashion, mumbling and grumbling, feeling my way by touch to the bathroom because I can't yet bear to open my eyes, etc.

There's not much more to tell you, really - price is good and I will justify €6.50 for my morning shower ablutions (though this current one was a press sample) and about the only thing I'd have any point of criticism is with regards to the fact that SLS is the second ingredient - which it is in the majority of anything that bubbles, so it's not that it's just in this particular product. I'd love to see that gone because it's not the most fabulous ingredient for my dry skin and can make it feel tight.


Apart from that? A thumbs up, I reckon - and there are a pile of companion products to this as well, like scrubs, body butters and lipbalm.

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