Shavata 'Celebrity' Eyebrow Stencil Kit


I just know deep down that you've all always wanted eyebrows like Kylie Minogue (full of botox), Liz Hurley (with pins in, I assume), Brooke Shields(!???) or Grace Kelly (huh?), and so you'll all be rushing to to snap up a Shavata Celebrity Eyebrow Stencil Kit for your very own.

This 'handy' kit contains 4 sets of stencils, so you can create the sort of brows you've always longed for. And getting them couldn't be simpler - stick the desired pair atop your existing brows and pluck away the visible hair.


My advice is to not let anyone else see you doing this, lest they think you have lost your marbles entirely. Still, if you're keen, buy the brow kit from amazon for £12.

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