This hair cream is better than any heat protector I've used before

This hair cream from one of our favourite high street stores is our surprise standout hair product of recent times.

I always use a heat protector before I blowdry my hair. I honestly don't know if it actually makes any difference - my hair is still split and fuzzy - but I do it anyway because the experts told me to. My usual product is probably the type you use too, a spray that claims to possess magic ingredients. It may have extra qualities, like, it 'makes brushing easier', or it 'protects the colour' of dyed hair. As I said, I'm not sure I buy it, but hey, if the experts tell me to...

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I don't use a lot of other product in my hair. It's quite fine, so it gets weighed down very easily. I'm reluctant, then, to try new things, in case it greases up my hair right after I go through the effort of washing it. But I took a chance on this hair cream. I needed something to protect my hair from heat damage when I ran out of the Redken spray I was using, and I found this product from & Other Stories of all places that I had been given as a gift. I'm glad I took that chance.

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The Fullness Thickening Cream €15 is designed for hair like mine. I have thin, frizzy, lank hair that could do with some thickening up, but, because of my past issues with greasiness, I was reluctant to try it. It says on the bottle that it also has heat protecting elements, so, bonus. 

& Other Stories


Fullness Thickening Cream €15

Erring on the side of caution, I used only a euro-sized amount of product as I followed the instructions and ran it from mid-length to the ends. The cream was surprisingly light and very fragrant (coconut) but it soon died down TG. I have no idea if it protected my hair from the heat, but it definitely oomphed up the look of my locks. Even with that tiny amount! It was enough for me to notice a difference in styling, too, in that it was noticeably less fuzzy and 'sealed' at the ends.
My hair styling products have always been from hair brands, but this & Other Stories gem may convince me that fashion brands are making a proper impact in the beauty world.
Do you use heat protection? Do you find that it really works?

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