Sneaky Peek: Shu Uemura Prime Plenish

prime plenish

I'm such a sucker than any mention of the Shu and Uemura words get me all a-quiver. We've chatted about their amazing Art of Hair products on the blog before and I'm a fan of the Moisture Velvet trio for dry hair.

Those of you with  styling and colour-weakened barnets will be interested to hear about the new Prime Plenish products, though. In salons next week, It's the fifth suite in the hair care line and was  developed to tackle the issues brought about by ageing (very long hair also fits in here). Ingredients like jasmine oil are used to penetrate the hair shaft and add nourishment from within.


There are, in fact, only two negative things I can say about the Art of Hair line. One is that it's not the super-covetable cosmetics range (please hurry up and arrive!), and two - the prices: €30 for shampoo, the conditioner is €40, and the masque tips the scale at €50. Ouch.

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