So Kylie Jenner Was Blonde for Approximately a Week...

To clarify, she "spent months wearing wigs" to make her hair "healthy enough" to go blonde... so now she's gone and died it "mint" green almost immediately. That or she made the mistake of swimming in an overly chlorinated pool.

Here she is, sporting her newly hued hair, at the opening of The Sugar Factory in New York last night.

The 18-year-old took to social media to post the obligatory "hair by" Instagram: "I love having fun for the sugar factory #cottoncandy mint hair by @tokyostylez and makeup by @makeupbyariel @monicarosestyle." Minty indeed...

As has become customary, twitter reflected our feelings on the matter...


Kylie Jenner changes her hair color once a week and looks fabulous, meanwhile I'm just trying to keep up with having brown hair.

Ain't that the truth. Have you ever dyed your hair a rainbow hue? How did it go down?

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