So, What's What With The Wave?

neutrogena wave

As you've probably noticed, we're a bit nuts about this new Wave gadget. It's Neutrogena's newest bit of skin kit and while it's aimed at younger skins, my 30-something face is finding good use for it too. A reasonable price - you'll lay down €14.89 for the Wave, batteries and a 14 day supply of cleansing pads - cute good looks and a gentle, enjoyable cleansing experience are yours with purchase.

There's often a tendency towards hyperbole when a new skincare product hits the market, so in order to temper that a little, here are a select few things the Wave will do, and a few it won't.

It won't give you a new face with one use, it won't clear up cystic acne, make you skinny, get you that guy you're after, make you look 10 years younger or give you a new, wrinkle-free visage. After all, it's a skincare doofer, and not the second coming of our lord Jesus Christ.


Teenagers will initially love its whizzy, gadget-tastic ways, but lastingly they'll appreciate that it really does help to keep skin clean and hold sebum production down when used daily. Gals in their twenties will like it for use in helping to regulate blemishes than can so often be associated with hormonal spots and pimples, and older gals, (such as, ahem, myself), will be able to get good use out of it for those grey-skin or congestion-ridden days. Even if you kept your Wave in the bathroom cabinet and only brought it out when hungover for use as a first step before a hydrating masque, it'd pay for itself.

As I have dry skin, and it includes a foaming, water-based cleanser, I'm not using it all over my face, because I've found that to be a bit drying - but then, I find all facial washes drying. So I'm buffing my much-lamented congestion-packed chin with it instead. And by gum. It's helping. I always switch to heavy, heavy creams in winter to get some moisture into my skin, and my chin always responds by filling itself full of Face Cheese (© 2009). This year though, while I'm still checking it out in any brightly lit mirror I can find, I'm not finding much to hoke out. Slightly disappointing, because by God do I love a hoke, but my skin is thanking me, because of course, that poking and prodding always leads to spots.

So, that's my experience of it personally, but we've had a few out with readers to test, and hopefully they'll leave their comments here and let you know how they got on with the Wave.

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