Something Kinda Ooh: Mavala Eye-Lite Eye Base


I sat up straight yesterday when a little mail popped into my inbox extolling the virtues of Mavala. It's a brand we all know from chemists across the length and breath of the land for their teeny nail polishes, but I never write much about it. But now, I have discovered that in addition to nail goodies, the brand have a range of products for eyes too.

The Mavala Eye-Lite range contains a lash enhancer, eye contour gel, a creamy mascara, makeup removers and an eye base. The latter is what caused the straightened back, see. I reckon everyone should have an eye base or primer in their kit - they're brilliant. I use a couple regularly - Guerlain's Ombre Eclat is what I'd go to to fix a smokey eye in place and add extra intensity to wishy-washy shadows, while Too Faced Primer Potion is what I often use as a mixing-medium for pigments or to lock pesky glitter in place.


Both are pricey; Mavala eye base is not. It comes in a mere €6.95 and while I can't swear to its lock-down properties myself (yet), it's got to be worth a try for the price. They say it's moisturising, and makes eye-makeup more luminous and long-lasting. At pharmacies nationwide, it should be easily available too.

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