Sorry, my bad: Wii Fit to tour the auld sod


So after all my giving out, apparently the Wii Fit is actually to be taken on another wee tour of the North and the greater Dublin area Ireland this July and August. Oopsie! If you missed the chance to make an eejit out of yourself in public the first time around, you could check it out in July at JJB Fitness in their clubs in Belfast (19th - 20th) or Derry (26th - 27th). In August, it'll be showcased at the Ilac Centre, Dublin (21st - 24th), the Ultimate Girls' Day Out, Dublin (29th - 31st) or the Aura Leisurelink in Co. Meath (30th - 31st).

Dunno know how I managed to miss that yesterday, what with it being un-Google-able, not mentioned on Nintendo's official site for the UK and Ireland, and the actual website for the tour being called


Sure that could just as easily be a site for treatments to relieve constipation, like...

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