SS10: Giorgio Armani Nude Contrasts


"Mr Armani is all about the play of light and shadow," revealed Linda Cantello when she was showcasing the forthcoming Spring collection from the Giorgio Armani brand the week before last. Like everything Armani does, this collection, which consists of two chic, striped eye palettes and three nude glosses, is muted and restrained but you get what she means: stripes of pale, expensively frosted shades of old gold, pale blue and beige are cut with black and bright white. The net effect is meant to deliver a modern, soft reworking of the smoky eye.

Now, I'll be honest, I'm not in love with this collection, the first seasonal one that Linda has completed for the brand. It's nice, sure. The quality is as always excellent and the compacts themselves are glossy as opposed to matte and the stripes mark a departure for the line.  So it's lovely but possibly just a bit restrained - and, I should add, maybe a bit too elegant - for me.

However, I think she's saving up the good stuff for later in the season: the Tokyo Corals lipstick line and some gorgeous cheek colours, as well as candy-coloured nail shades are what I'm really looking forward to.  Brights! Colour! Oh yes!


But if you like the understated look of the two Palette Yeux Spring, then each costs €65, with the lip shimmers racking up at €24 a piece. All will sashay elegantly onto counters on January 7th 2010.

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