Stars in stripes: Celebrating July 4th in style

Today is July 4th. I know, how is it July already? And why isn't it hot?

Today is just another Monday for most of the world, but, in case you didn't know, it's Independence Day in the US: the St. Patrick's Day of America, if you will. Except instead of popping on a fake red beard attached to a green top hat and hitting the pub, Americans throw on their most patriotic swimsuit and indulge in some serious PDA action. Well, that's what Taylor Swift does, but we know how influential she is.

We're all for subtlety here, that little hint of a theme. For St. Patrick's Day, we wear a sprig of shamrock on our coat; if we were in the USA, we'd follow the lead of these celebs and just wear stripes, a pattern that will never go out of style. The classic is, of course, the Breton Stop, but as these celebs prove, there's more than one way to look chic in stripes

  • Kendall Jenner


  • Jessica Alba


  • Anne Hathaway

wenn24041382 anne

  • Lindsay Lohan

wenn24546243 lindsay


Are you a stripe type person? What would you wear if you were celebrating July 4th today?

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