When you should start looking after your skin

Looking after our skin is something we usually only begin to think about when the first signs of ageing begin. But is prevention better than treating ageing skin?

At what age should you start looking after your skin? If you wait until you start to see signs of ageing you'll miss out on years of the incredible powers of prevention.

A quick rule of thumb is around 28. At 28 your natural collagen production begins to slow down. The quality begins to lessen. You may start to notice a small number of lines or wrinkles forming around your eyes and mouth.

But really, your skincare should begin from birth!

From birth

From birth, you and everyone in your family should be wearing SPF. An SPF as natural as possible is always best for less irritation. As you get a little older to make it a part of your daily skincare routine. Use a makeup primer, moisturizer, or foundation with built-in SPF.

Your 20s

In your 20s you should start getting into a routine of a good skincare regime. Nothing too extreme, but a habit that what will stand by you in later years. Removing makeup, moisturising and wearing SPF even in the winter is a good place to start.

You should also introduce an eye serum in your twenties. It is important to use a serum before your eyes begin to show signs of ageing. You should use one that contains antioxidants and other beneficial factors. Most eye creams help to plump out wrinkles, but unfortunately, they don’t prevent them. Use a serum with added Vitamin C to build collagen and revitalize the under eye area.


Your late 20s

Your skin should be a priority. The two-step skin care regime just won’t cut it anymore. At this stage, you should be getting treatments done regularly and using at home peels and masks.

Don’t forget your neck

Your neck is an area, especially for a woman that can make you look older than you actually are which is why it’s important to consider preventative neck care one of your highest skincare priorities. The lighter your skin tone the more prone you are to getting a chronic discolouration of their skin called poikiloderma. This is a result of chronic sun exposure. ALWAYS wear a high SPF in this area.

Or your hands

Hand cream isn’t just a fragranced occasional usage product. It's extremely important in maintaining healthy and youthful looking hands. The skin on our hands is delicate and thin and it only gets thinner and more sun damaged with age. Prevention here is key.

Skin oils

Skin oils are a goddess when it comes to hydration. The key to youthful looking skin is hydration. If you have dry skin you will benefit from body oils at any age. It will also keep the skin tighter, longer as you approach your 40s and 50s.




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