Has the Met Gala predicted a new trend for brows?

Over the last few years, the world has realised that eyebrows are one (well, two) of the most important features on our face. They have the ability to change and emphasise your facial features for the good - or the bad.

Eyebrows have got bigger and darker over the past few years - sure even Kate Middleton was down with the "Scouse Brow" trend - and look around at work, school or the LUAS (when it's running), the trend for bold brows shows no sign of waning.

However, after Monday's Met Gala, it seems that there might be a new eyebrow trend crawling into town. Along with sleek hair styles and metallic dresses, the other thing we noticed was that many celebrity brows had all but disappeared. Not quite Kate Moss in the '90s disappeared, but they were distinctly less strong than what we've grown used to.



Now, I am not saying to do a Taylor Swift on it and get out the bleach, but know that less is more when it comes to filling in your brows. Once you train your brows to have a perfect shape, you might not need to fill them in at all.

In case you were thinking of joining the bleach brigade, take note: it takes a strong face to pull off the bleached brow effect, so be sure to be sure before you try it. Me? I'm all for a more natural brow, but bleached brows? I'm just not sure it'll catch on.

Have you ever bleached your brows? Do you like the way your brows look? How do you style yours?

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