Style Crush: Seven Reasons Why We Love Zoe Saldana (and Not a Blue Avatar in Sight)

Having finally gotten a chance to sit down to Guardians of the Galaxy in the cinema, I remembered how much I loved Zoe Saldana. Yes, she was in 'Crossroads' with Britney back in the day but if you can put that out of your mind, Zoe is one class act.

So this week we're focusing our lady love on Zoe Saldana.

Proving yet again that she's fast becoming Hollywood's go-to girl for a serious amount of intergalactic arse-kicking (Avatar, Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy), while it's all functional (yet super sexy) leather uniforms and blue body paint on screen, off screen, Miss Saldana is a sartorial force to be reckoned with. And her skin, her beautiful skin. What do you use? (Yes, I am assuming she'll read this post and get back to me).

Below we take a look at some of Zoe's loveliest ensembles, in the hopes that some of her superstar magic may virtually rub off on us.

Dare to be different.

Year in year, year out, there are so many dresses that grace the world's red carpets and unfortunately, many of them wind up blending into each other with very few that stand out in our memory.

Zoe, on the contrary, always chooses something with a little originality, such as this throwback Jason Wu number with the reverse scarf addition (don't see a lot of that these days). If you've got a fancy event to go to, don't be afraid to experiment with eye-catching patterns; how boring would it be if we always played it safe?

Cannes Film Festival - 'Mr Turner' - Premiere

If you've got it, flaunt it.

Zoe has perhaps the best pair of pins in the bid'niss. And she's not afraid to show them off. If I had legs like that I'd probably never wear trousers, not even in the depths of winter. This lace ensemble with monochrome colour blocking is absolutely stunning. It's feminine and delicate yet still, fashion forward. Zoe knows well to opt for a high neck on top if she's going to go for something quite this short on the bottom. Gawjus!

Zoe Saldana at the Cannes Film 67th Film Festival

Quirky Prints

Zoe is a big fan of playful prints, and we love this classy, bright floral dress complete with plunging neckline. The gúna itself is an Etro Spring 2014 number which she marries with a pair of $895 Christian Louboutin Belly Nodo Pumps (no, I won't be buying them either).

And for those who'd like to experiment with a sexier neckline, this is how you do it. Comfortable and loose, this dress still manages to show off Zoe's svelte figure. And there's nothing like a flash of yellow to brighten your mood.

The 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival - Relativity At Ten Luncheon

Dungarees are cool.


I've never wanted a pair of dungarees more in my LIFE. I mean seriously, is there anything this girl can't wear?  Zoe is pregnant, though her bump is barely detectable in these photos below, but proves here that dungarees have still got it and should definitely be incorporated into our casual wardrobe for those lazy summer days. If you're investing in a pair, always go for something that looks good turned up at the ankles; you don't want to look like you're wearing a onesie, which you sort of are.

Zoe Saldana spends her birthday with her husband Marco Perego Zoe Saldana goes shopping at Whole Foods Market with her niece Kayla

Stripes are NEVER out of place.

Stripes will always be in fashion, come rain or shine or dresses made out of rashers (Lady Gaga, I'm looking at you).

Here Zoe demonstrates how to wear a figure hugging dress on your downtime, paired with a comfy, casual knit and soft leather sandals. Have a gander in your wardrobe, unless a good 20% is stripey, you've got some shopping to do!

Zoe Saldana shops at Whole Foods Market

Experiment with your hair.

Day in day out, I either straighten the bejaysus out of my hair, or try to add some waves only to wind up looking like a King Charles (the dog, not the future King of England). Just last night, I tried to create natural waves while my hair was still wet. My boyfriend popped in to inform me that I looked like 'a wet rat'. Which was lovely.

While this dress is rather questionable (the visible white bra, the backwards, white, leather thong that she seems to be sporting outside of the dress), the hair is just stunning, and surprisingly easy to achieve. If, like me, you're bored with the same oul long hairdo, why not give this a go the next time you're off for an evening of frivolity. A little backcombing, a packet of hairpins and some hair spray ought to do the trick. Simply clip your hair under at the base of your hair line, section by section, spritz it with some hair spray and then add some old school waves to the front bits.

Premiere Guardians of the Galaxy

White Wonder

Every wardrobe should have one reliable white/cream dress. With a little tan and some peachiness on the apples of your cheeks, you'll feel all fresh and summery within minutes. We love this figure hugging dress. Pair yours with some strappy stilettos (and pack some Compeed in your bag) and hey presto, you're super star ready!

'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Cast at NYSE

Sexiness: A how-to.

Ask any 'sexy' starlet their top tips for sexiness and they'll collectively tell you that the one thing you need, above all else, is confidence. And they'd be right. Confidence, a smile, and clothes that fit and you feel comfortable in. This black dress is super sexy, showing just a little lingerie at the bust, with sheer panelling on the arms. But what makes it work, is how at ease Zoe is whilst wearing it.


Celebrities at 'Late Show with David Letterman'

Are you a Zoe fan? Who's caught your eye this week?

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