Tanning Time: Our Failsafe Guide to Getting Your Skin Summer Ready


Granted, it'll more than likely rain on your freshly tanned legs the minute you step foot outside the door but to hell with it, we're going to take part in summer as though the sun were to shine day in day out.

Now while it may seem like a fairly simple course of events - take off your pants and step into a pair of shorts/skorts or whatever it is you're rocking - to go from the depths of winter straight into festival season can take a bit of prep work.

Behold, our failsafe guide.

Get shaving

Sadly, hairy legs haven't quite made their comeback (unless you count those hairy leg leggings that are all the rage in Japan) and if you're a bit like me, you'll have found yourself half-arsing it all through winter with a cheap, crappy razor defending your too-often hairy pins to others by explaining that there's no point shaving if you're in jeans all day, only for it to grow back a day or two later.

And truth be told it adds an extra layer of warmth (here's where I apologise profusely to my boyfriend). If you're not bothered with forking out for a decent wax - we vote sugar waxing here, less pain involved - then please go for a decent razor with added aloe vera and all that jazz.

You've heard this tip a million times but it cannot be stressed enough - if you don't exfoliate after months of wearing jeans, you will get patches, and it won't be pretty.

You mightn't see it as you apply, but as it dries, it will cling to your dead skin cells and if you want a surefire way to tell that your new 'glow' is fake, this is it. You don't have to spend a bomb for a good scrub either, just get something that will really lift the dead bits, be gentle on the skin underneath and leave you feeling smooth and supple.




Moisturise a bit in advance of applying your fake tan, let the moisturiser do its work and get into your skin before diving in to head to toe bronzing.

Don't rush this one, you want to make sure those elbows and knees (which probably haven't seen a spot of moisturiser for a fair while) are getting what they need. You don't want to apply your fake tan only to find it gathered around your joints the following day. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Invest in a mitt

Or a pair of Marigold gloves, anything really, just don't use your bare hands to apply your colour. You will forget to wash it off, and you will be left with orange hands. Even if you do remember to rinse afterwards, it always finds a way to cling to your knuckles. Not pretty.


As with everything else, take time when it comes to the tan itself. L’Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Elixir is brand new to the market and is one of the more fool-proof self-tanning options with super easy application, no fake tan smell, it works on your body AND face and it lasts for up to two weeks. Hooray!

Made a mistake?

Don't worry. Get an exfoliation mitt and lash a bit of lemon juice on it, apply to the dodgy area and it should do the trick. Go easy and let the excess tan buff away. Toothpaste also helps those stubborn spots around the hand area but if you've paid attention to step 4, this shouldn't be an issue.


Go forth and feel the breeze!

You will, it is Ireland after all.

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