The beauty hack you need to know if you're returning from a festival

Glitter is one of my favourite pieces attributes of makeup when it's applied correctly (you can check out some of our favourite picks here).  But it can leave you finding glitter particles in places that you never knew it could reach for weeks after (yes, including your partner).

And with so many of you trekking back after EP, I thought there was no better time to write an article on how to efficiently remove glitter from your body once and for all.


What you will need:

Hair spray

Kitchen towels






What to do: 

Damp your kitchen paper with water and then spray it liberally with your hair spray. Using a blotting motion, press your skin with the tissue. This will remove the glitter as the hairspray is slightly sticky; the glitter will stick to your tissue and you will be back to your glitter-free self in no time.

Were you at EP? We want to hear all about your makeup look!



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