The Body Shop's Beauty With Heart Movement Adds up to Lots of Lovely New Products to Buy!

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Checked in using intelligent scanable wristbands, photobooth photos instantly uploaded to your Facebook account: yup, the Body Shop was definitely on a mission with last week's Beauty With Heart event in Central London.  The message from the brand is that it's modern, revitalised, fresher, it's got a new face - Lily Cole, who we had a peep at last week - as well as lots of new products launching, soon-to-land and even more coming later in the year.

body shop

Entering the experience ...

So. A pretty exciting time, eh?

Yup. But if you're appreciating what they're going to do, it's always good to have a gander at what's gone before, and so the brand had cleverly arranged a superbly-styled trip around a large empty industrial space which they'd split into three areas - a makeup and skincare space, a scent and body space and a space in which you could learn all about their charity, ethical and fair trade concerns.

body shop schedule

We started in the skin and slap area. Oh my. Talk about a sensory overload. I'll let the pictures do the talking, shall I?


Some of the ingredients the Body Shop uses: fairly traded honey and beeswax, aloe, wheatgerm and turmeric.

body shop lipsticks

body shop lipstick pigments

The new Body Shop Lipstick line and some of the pigments it's created from.


body shop products

Products: a new Nutriganics serum, lip scrub with fig particles, the Vitamin E range, Aloe Soothing Day Cream, cruelty-free brushes and some of the makeup products.

body shop make your own shimmer brick

My absolute favourite bit: make your own Shimmer Cube! YOWSA! I made er, three.

bath, body and fragrance

The bath, body and fragrance room. Yes, that is a bath filled with chocolate. And uhuh, that there's a body butter tree. Did we get one to take home? Sadly not.

body shop nutriganics

So what's new and in-coming from the brand after all that? Loads, like this Nutriganics Drops of Youth serum. Using marine ingredients, it's designed to be a potent anti-ager.

body shop oils

There's also a full range of Beautifying Oils, due to arrive in the next couple of months, in all the body butter scents we all like so much. These I am most excited about.

lily cole makeup for the body shop

And of course the Lily Cole makeup range which we previewed last week. This arrives in June.


But that's not all: 2012 will also see a BB Cream, some new fragrances to match the body butter flavours, a tea tree pore minimiser, a new lip butter and tons more. Yay!

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