The €7.99 hair foam you NEED and two more brilliant budget beauty buys

We're taking a moment to celebrate the small things because bigger doesn't always mean better. Budget beauty is sometimes the best.

It's true, bigger doesn't always mean better - and expensive doesn't always mean better either. There are some fantastic budget beauty superstars out there, so we wanted to shine a spotlight on a few of our latest favourites.

Without further ado, here are three cheap and cheerful beauty buys that (we think) should be in every makeup bag.

  • Topshop Kohl Pencil €5

Deep pigment, a soft application and staying power make this one from Topshop Beauty of our current go-to eyeliner. The charcoal shade is ideal for lining the inner waterline to make your natural eye colour pop. It also works well if you blend the colour with a little Vaseline to create a smudgy, grungy '90s style smoky eye - very rock 'n' roll.

  • TREsemme Perfectly Undone Wave Creating Foam €7.99

If you're anything like us, sticky hair is a big no-no, but flat, boring lifeless hair is a no-no, too. What's a girl to do? Pick up one of these lightweight foams is what. It leaves hair with a gorgeous texture and as it's under a tenner you won't feel guilty using it more that once in a blue moon.

  •  MAC Zoom Lash / Multiple Colours / Sized to Go €10


With festival season just about to kick off, what better time is there to play with a bit of colour? Blue/green/purple/red mascara is an easy way to experiment without getting too crazy. We've tried lots of different types from budget to luxury and these mini Zoom Lash mascaras tick all the boxes.

If colour isn't really you thing don't worry as you can also pick up a black and grey version too which would be ideal for bringing on holidays.

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