The Eyes Have It

alka seltzerInspired by the fact I was out for a few drinkz last night, I thought I'd write about ways to not alert your bosses to the fact that you're hungover to hell and will not be doing any work today.

There definitely are sneaky ways to allow you to look fine, while feeling like death, thus meaning you can play solitaire all day and send e-mails, and they'll still think you're the very model of diligence.

A huge help in the whole hangover cover up is the smoking ban - a big tell-tale sign was the hair-stinking-of-fags factor, so that's part of the job done already. I think it's mostly in the eyes - if you're tired, your eyes are the first thing to show it. So concentrate on them. Lashings and lashings and even more lashings of concealer should be the order of the day to start off with. Try YSL's Touche Eclat or Benefits Lyin' Eyes (it runs out really quickly though and it's pretty over-priced). Once that's done, use a white eye pencil to line the inside of your eyes - or you can use white shadow too and apply it with a clean applicator. This'll instantly give you a lift and make your eyes look wide open. On your lids, go for a pale pink as that will also help to widen and brighten your eyes. Finish with a dab of mascara, paying particular attention to the outer corners of your eyes.


Rub on a bit of cream blusher to give you a healthy why-of-course-I-had-8-hours-sleep glow, and you're ready to go!

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