The Future Fate of Blue Eyeshadow Has Been Sealed

We think Kerry Washington is only brilliant. We love her in Scandal and while Olivia Pope is one classy lady, we think Kerry's personal style is even better. Remember when she wore a mid-riff bearing top when pregnant? Ah, she's great.

She turned up to a panel discussion during the week, along with Scandal co-stars and other Shonda Rhime's show cast members (Meredith Grey was there! Sadly, without McDreamy) looking impeccable as always in a fab blue-based dress with matching earrings - and matching eye shadow. Break out the Constance Carroll - blue eye paint is back with a bang!


It's not a subtle blue either, it's full on and we love it. Love it. Blue eye shadow has never really gone away but the notion of blue eye shadow is that it's really dated. It's kind of like the shoulder pads of eye shadow. However, blue looks gorgeous against brown eyes and in reality wearing it does not necessarily turn you into Working Girl.

Lately, it's been all about the nudes, but colour is creeping back onto our faces (hurrah!). An easy way to introduce blue to your eyes is with Benefit's classic They're Real mascaras and push-up liners in blue. One girl has been wearing the mascara as her staple this past few weeks and it really looks fab - not at all like the color mascara of '90s yore.


Wet n Wild released a limited edition ‘Venice Beach’ Collection for summer which included this eye shadow palette - High Flying Colors. It's very bright and those blues are so very true. And, it's only €6.49.




For an easier introduction to blue, go grey. There's a certain new palette with a certain new smoky aspect that we think would be perfect for Ice Queen eyes.


But, if your budget doesn't stretch to Urban Decay proportions (the Naked Smoky is €46), there is always this new palette from Essence (available in August at €4.99) that will do the same job.


For other options with fab blue options, check out of colour pop post from earlier in the summer!

What do you think, would you do blue? Is there any other look from the TCA panel that you prefer?


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