The internet is fighting over whether this dress is wedding-guest appropriate or not

I once went to a wedding where a guest wore a full on cream suit along the lines of that of Bianca Jagger and she was the most stylish guest there. The bride couldn't have cared less if someone had turned up wearing an actual wedding dress because her focus was on her groom, family and friends and whatever items of clothing made her friends happy and comfortable (hhaa, comfortable, HELLO SPANX), then that is what she wanted them to wear.

But it remains a question of etiquette for some who play by the more traditional rules. Is it ever ok to wear white to a wedding? How about if its a white dress with floral print, is that ok or will you be ostracised to the children's table and pelted with slabs with of rock-like wedding cake?

And the internet is currently spending its time discussing one dress in particular and passing passionate judgement on whether it is suitable attire for a guest.


The dress, available from online store Modcloth, is tea-length with a floral pattern. So far, so wedding-guest good. But it's the fact that the base colour is white that got the internet in a bun fight.

And views were mixed.


Personally, I don't actually like the dress but do think it's entirely wedding appropriate if it's to your taste. What we really need to discuss are the men who knot their ties around their heads, roll up their trousers and slide across the floor at 4am in a drunken homage to AC/DC.

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