The Pink Cow Lemon Cheesecake shower gel: like taking a shower in Cif

cif shower cream - delicious!

Dayglow yellow and wackily named, Kirstie and I picked this up one afternoon in Boots to try. We picked up a rake of stuff, but I noticed that all the swanky shower, bath and skincare "disappeared" and I was left to try out all the dodge products. And guess who was stuck with the bill too?


The Pink Cow heart is in the right place - the packaging is covered in zany messages about recycling and the environment - but sadly this was just a bit yuk.

In fact if Cif were to roll out a shower and bath range The Pink Cow Lemon Cheesecake (500ml) is exactly what it would smell like. Exactly. A cheap artificial lemon smelling chemical goo. However I think Cif would be the better product: it would have added exfoliating properties (warning: may cause skin rawness) and you could give the shower a quick scrub after you were finished - a truly multifunctional product.


Aimed squarely at the teen market The Pink Cow range is full of nasty (sorry) products all replicating foodstuffs - vanilla, ginger, strawberry and cost around €6 - €7 (sorry I lost the receipt so I'm not sure) so you do get a lot of product for the money.

For the same price or less, something natural and organic from Organic surge or Lidl Suhada Nature are much better picks. And if you want to splash out (pun intended) we recommend Body Shop Sweet Lemon or Bliss Lemon and Sage Soapy Suds.

Now where did I leave my rubber gloves?

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