The postman always knocks twice... been caught unawares lately?


The doorbell rang just as I was at the foot of the stairs.

I could see the postman through the blurry glass panel on the door - and he could see me.

All fine except for one thing. I was just out of the shower and dressed only in (very skimpy) bra and knickers I had gone downstairs to get my hairbrush.  To make matters worse I was road testing a new Clarins face mask for the Blog.  So I wasn't really in a fit state to be standing there with the door open signing his little electronic gizmo.

In a panic I ran into the sitting room calling out "Will you just leave it beside the door please!"

No answer. Instead he banged on the door. I virtually screamed at him this time "Will you just leave the parcel beside the door!"


I couldn't find anything at all that might do as a dressing gown/ towel/ modesty preserver and I was damned if I was answering the door to him.  What seemed like an eternity passed and just when I was beginning to feel as if he must have gone away...

He banged on the door again.  Oh how I began to hate him.

You can imagine what I felt like screaming at him this time.  Now I know he wanted me to sign for the parcel, but hammering on the door like that was just taking the piss.

The face mask was lovely by the way - I'll give it full attention in another post.

I will never go downstairs again without a dressing gown.  But I bet you've some good 'caught unawares' stories - tell all!

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