Top Story of the Month: Three disappointing beauty launches

Hundreds of beauty products are released each year so we are bound to be slightly disappointed with some of them. There are always going to be amazing products, there are always going to be average products and there are always going to be the products we have had exceptionally high hopes for which then let us down.

That is why I wanted to bring you my top (or should that be bottom?) three products from 2015 that my hopes were built up for only to let me down when push came to shove.

Let's start it off with my nearest and dearest.

  • MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation



The thing I have always loved about MAC foundation is that you can always rely on the buildable coverage. At least, when they are sheer going on, they usually have the ability to build. The waterweight foundation does not have this feature, which is fine for those of you with fabulous skin, but let's face it, in Ireland, it's rare to find someone with that flawless skin type, which is mainly due to the serious lack of sunlight here.

This foundation would possibly be good for sallow, unmarked skin, but for my own acne scared, oily, blemished and Irish skin type, it simply does nothing for me. Within half an hour of wearing it, my face looked like I had dipped it into a frying pan full of oil.

The second disappointing launch of 2015 goes to:

  • Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette 




Having been super excited in the run up to the launch of this product, I was left sadly disappointed with the outcome. Urban Decay, renowned for their ability to create amazing eye shadow palettes, dropped the ball on this one. The colour choices within the palette will not suit every skin tone, and they are seriously lacking in a variety of transition colours and mattes leaving this palette difficult to blend (without investing in a few other neutral matte shades) and hard to wear for the majority of Irish skin tones.

The final disappointing launch of 2015 has to go to:

  • Aldi Caviar Cream


If you missed my review on this you might like to catch up here. Having disguised their product in La Prairie packaging, we were led to believe that this product was in some way similar to the luxurious ingredients found inside. This marketing trick had the nation queuing outside Aldi shops to avail of their "once in a lifetime offer". Well, when I extensively investigated the ingredients list, I found that the hero product "snow algae" was nowhere to be found in the ingredients list.

Having looked into this further, I was informed they had, in fact, included it as one of the final ingredients in only two of the products in the range under its "chemical name", which means it was chemically compounded in a lab and would, therefore, be synthetic and would carry little to no anti-aging properties. As it is so low down on the ingredients list, the product would contain extremely little of this ingredient anyway.


Did you come across any hugely disappointing launched in 2015 that you want to share with us?

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